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It’s About You

It’s About You

The concept that “one size fits all” is one that has never applied to health care. It is a world that is as complex and dynamic as the consumers who use it. Every individual has a unique set of needs and deserves to have a firm understanding of the options available to them. If you’re uninsured and considering signing up for a new health care plan through a Special Enrollment Period, the choices that need to be made and the specifications of your plan may feel overwhelming. That’s where we here at Doyle Rowe LTD step in and work by your side throughout your decision-making process.

Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) are short periods outside of open enrollment that consumers qualify for after a major life event. Qualifying events include losing coverage from your employer after retirement, coming off of your parents’ plan after turning 26, getting married, or moving out of a plan’s service area, among others.

Changes like these may mean transitioning to individual coverage, which can result in changes to your provider network, plan design, and other options. Individual plan provider networks may include different hospitals and doctors from your previous group plan – even if the insurance carrier is the same. Your monthly premium payments will also likely change, making for another major adjustment. In other words: There’s a lot to take in.

At DRL, we’ve tailored our website to guide you in reviewing all of your options with ease and efficiency. Start by simply providing your date of birth and ZIP code. From there, you will find every one of the plan options available to you, as well as pricing and provider network directories. Side-by-side comparison tools allow you compare options with ease and clarity.

After reviewing your options, considering your potential out-of-pocket costs, rather than what is covered in premium payments, is essential. In the event of an unexpected catastrophe, for example, your options may offer stark contrasts. One plan may require you to make a payment of over $6,800 upfront, while another may offer lower deductible and a higher monthly premium payment. You’ll want to be sure that your potential providers are in the network for the plan you want, while keeping in mind the consequences of going out of network.

Once you’ve factored in the specifications your plan calls for, our system will help you discover if you qualify for a government subsidy and the estimated amount of that subsidy. You will also have the option of going to the marketplace for your official subsidy.

When you settle on a new plan, we here at DRL will be here to answer any questions you have, explain the details, and periodically check in to ensure you’re satisfied with your coverage. Consider us the friendly guide and expert of your new health care plan.

A period of change can be as daunting as it is exciting, and our goal at Doyle Rowe LTD is to make your transition into a new health care plan as smooth as possible. To start writing the first page of this new chapter of your life, contact us today. Healthy coverage starts here.

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