Prescription Drug Plans 65+

Choosing a Medicare Part D plan is a very personal decision.   There are many plans to choose from.

There are many other prescription drug plans available to you.   A Doyle Rowe LTD specialist can assist you in determining which plan best fits your needs.

IMRF Prescription Drug Plan

IMR Endorsed Plans – The group plans below are available to IMRF retirees and spouses:

The Humana Group Prescription Drug Plan is available to IMRF retirees nationwide, age 65 and over.

Summary of Benefits

The Plan meets criteria for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Benefits include:

Generic $4.00
Preferred Brand $25
Non-Preferred Brand $54
Specialty 33% co-insurance
Tier 1 – $4.00 through coverage gap

2022 Monthly Premium Rate….$119.58

The benefits presented above are highlights of the available plan. The Evidence of Coverage will provide more detailed information.

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2022 monthly premium: $173.30

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IMRF retirees, spouses and dependent children under age 23 nationwide are eligible to enroll in the Sav-RX Plan.

Plan Highlights:

Discounts on Prescription Medications – Sav-RX is not a co-pay prescription drug program.  The plan entitles you and your eligible family members to discounts on most prescription medications at more than 50,000 pharmacies, including Osco, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and most chain stores.

Easy to Use – present the Sav-Rx card to your pharmacist when filling prescription.  Discounts average 15% to 40% depending upon medication.

Low Cost to Enroll – Cost of Sav-RX Advantage Card is $1.50 per household per month ($18.00 per year)


Sav-RX Plan and Medicare Part D

The Sav-Rx card is not a Medicare Part D plan and cannot be used at the same time you receive discounts from a Medicare Part D plan.  However, you may use it during any gap in coverage period when you are responsible for 100% of drug costs.